Concerts suspended until further notice

Tincleton Gallery – Concerts Suspended Until Further Notice

Pianos at Tincleton Gallery
Pianos at Tincleton Gallery

9 Sep 2020 – Due to changes in Covid-19 regulations concerts are suspended until further notice

Overnight the government has announced changes in the Covid-19 regulations pertaining to England, restricting gatherings to six people until further notice. The indications are that this will be a relatively lengthy restriction.

Therefore for the time being we will again suspend concerts so as to comply with this change..

We have contacted everybody who booked for Angela Brownridge’s piano concert on 25/26 September and will of course be refunding them. Angela is very disappointed: we spoke with her this morning and she has been practicing and says she is playing better than ever, and she was so looking forwards to this.

The art gallery remains open though of course we will restrict visiitors to no more than six at any one time. The extended Spring/Summer show is up for a few more days, and then on 18 September an extended Autumn/Winter show will open – more details in another email. Picture framing remains open as usual – best to phone Joan on 01305 848 909 for an appointment.

We are very sorry to have to do this. It was such a pleasure to host the impromptu Philip Clouts jazz concerts a few weeks ago when the regulations were relaxed, and to hear live music again in good company. We were all so much looking forwards to an Autumn season kicking off with Angela, and I know she and indeed all the other Autumn series musicians have been keen to play to live audiences. It seems that is not to be, at least not quite yet. We must respect the government regulations and of course we will do so.

Our best wishes to you all. Thank you for being such strong supporters of us as a live music venue and as an art gallery. Stay safe, stay sane, and stay solvent so that we can look forwards to welcoming you again in the future with a smile. We will keep an eye on developments and update you when things change.

Best wishes, Joan & David