Alison Wear

Alison Wear's ceramic pieces

I first studied ceramics and subsequently sculpture at Kingston Polytechnic then theatre design at Wimbledon School of Art. After a career in films and television I reinvented myself as a garden designer. Now I have returned to my first love and find inspiration in organic and zoomorphic forms, especially the work of the Amlash potters living 6,000 years ago in Iran.

All my ‘morph’ pieces are handmade. They are formed with care and then burnished to a soft sheen before being subjected to fire and intense heat. I do not use glazes as I prefer the smoke and fire to infuse the pieces, blending with the stoneware clay to create strange and interesting colours, and making each unique.

My approach is very low tech and much of my work is done in a wood with sticks and a dustbin or a homemade wood burning kiln.

Philippa Headley

Just Paddling, by Philippa Headley

Philippa Headley picture

Christies’ Graduate, Philippa Headley is a full time independent artist based in the UK driven by passion to produce expressionist oil paintings as a response to her surroundings.
Her inspiration is found in the natural forces of the ever changing landscape. The initial emotional response to this landscape is captured with sketches and drawings which are then worked from back in her studio.

From initial plein air tonal study to finished painting, the process allows creativity to intervene at each step – whether selecting the colour palette to reflect first light at sunrise or darkening storming skies through to finalising compositional adjustments and surface textures. She has a diploma from the Royal Society of Arts.

Collectors :- Her collectors react to the evocative and atmospheric qualities of her artworks, which are in collections throughout Europe, Australia and America.
Some typical comments :
“All our visitors have remarked on the dramatic quality of your paintings”,
“We are so pleased with our second purchase it looks perfect above the fireplace”,
“Beautiful original work with such a luminous quality”.
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Kim Pragnell

Towards Dorset And Beyond, £200, Kim Pragnell
Kim Pragnell
Kim Pragnell

Kim’s art experience has been largely influenced by the work of the late 19th, early 20th century painters. The ability to observe, investigate and draw has been the foundation of all his work, with a firm Ruskin-type belief that drawing is the cornerstone of art, to communicate through the use of line and tone those essential elements that make being an artist a delight and privilege.

Early on in his career, he became very interested in seascapes and landscapes, using the influence of his time in the Royal Navy and his rural existence once he left. Kim is a watercolour painter, with his own unique way of using the medium, as you can see from the paintings for sale. He occasionally uses oils, but finds the medium less immediate.

He is now resident in Dorset and centres his painting in Dorset and nearby counties.

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